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Single Property Landlords

Most of us have a lifelong dream of owning a house. Irrespective of whether you start your journey by renting a flat or an apartment, the eventual destination is always to own a house. If you are a landlord, our mission at DNS Accounting Group is to help you make the most of it by ensuring a low tax bill and dispensing advice on how to manage property tax effectively.
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By availing of our services, you get to enjoy the following:

Managing Your Tax Return

We manage your tax return from scratch. Knowing that your taxes will be done accurately by an experienced accountant and in a timely manner will instantly make you stress-free.

Supporting You Throughout The Way

If HMRC gets in touch with you with questions regarding your tax return, you can count on us to take care of it. We have experience in dealing with them and understand how to reach a resolution without any fuss as quickly as possible.

Getting Started On The Right Foot

We are an experienced team of accountants with all the qualifications and licensing in place. We understand the problems faced by new landlords and can help you deal with the technical aspect of taxation in a hassle-free manner.

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Claiming Tax Breaks

It cannot be disputed that the final tax bill is always the worst thing about filing your income tax each year. That said, we can make this task easy for you with the help of our experienced property tax team. They are experts in the field and can detect possible loopholes to keep your tax bill down by claiming allowances and reliefs that you might have missed on.

You can avail of our single property tax services in a number of scenarios:

  • If you have invested in a property and would like to make passive income off of it by renting it out, we can offer sound advice to make your landlord journey smooth.
  • If you have inherited a house and are confused about whether or not you should sell it, we can come to your rescue. Although getting instant cash for a sold property seems tempting, it can make for additional income by getting a few tenants. We help you figure out the tax implications if you choose to do that.
  • If moving in with your partner or getting married, we can help manage your income tax return and advise you on tax planning as well as joint ownership.
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