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Business Premises Renovation Allowances

Business premises renovation allowance (BPRA) was launched as an incentive to support businesses to start using neglected or unused business properties in disadvantaged areas. BPRA is a 100% capital allowance for certain expenses incurred in the reconstruction or renovation of a qualifying property into a qualifying business premises. BPRA is available since 11 April 2007 and is due to come to an end on 31 March 2017 for corporation tax point and on 5 April 2017 for income tax purposes.
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We can help businesses figure out the qualifying buildings and the qualifying business premises. BPRA is only available for expenditure on qualifying building. These are commercial buildings in an area selected as a disadvantaged area (but have not been formerly used as a dwelling). A qualifying building turns into qualifying business premises when it is available and appropriate for use of leasing for the purposes of a trade, or as an office. The building cannot be used, or accessible for use, as part of a dwelling.

Most of the amount spent used to renovate, repair, or convert a building into business premises will qualify for 100% tax relief. This includes:

  • architectural and design services
  • the cost of labour and material
  • surveying or engineering services
  • statutory fees and statutory permissions (for example, the costs of building regulation fees)
  • planning applications
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BPRA will not be applicable to any capital expenditure in building extensions, buying the land, or developing neighboring land. BPRA will only be applicable to plant and machinery, if it is an essential attribute for capital allowance purposes or is restricted on a list of explicit fixtures, which includes fitted cupboards, sanitary fittings, and alarm systems. Integral features include electrical systems, lifts, and air conditioning. BPRA will only be accessible for expenditure to the extent that it does not surpass the market value for the services or works. BPRA claims cannot be made if a grant has been or will be received with regards to the building in question.

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To summaries, in order to qualify a building must be:

  • empty for a minimum period of 12 months before work begins
  • in a nominated disadvantaged area
  • previously used as a commercial property, and not a dwelling
  • used for business purpose and treated as a business premises following conversion/renovation

What we do?

  • Help businesses figure out expenditures which are incurred in relation to the conversion of a qualifying building into a qualifying business premises
  • Help with Clawback of relief
  • Advise on all aspects of allowance computation

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