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Property Tax & Accounting Services

Being UK’s premier property tax advisers & accountants, We have got in-depth expertise in all aspects of properties accounting and taxation services. We aim to guide you in best way to save maximum taxes


SDLT Reclaim & Refund

Everyone must pay Stamp Duty Land Tax on their land or property in England and Northern Ireland – if the property’s value exceeds a certain amount. The rules governing SDLT have changed dramatically over the past few years, yet the complexity of calculating the tax amount has remained the same. SDLT calculation and seeking refunds are challenging for most businesses and individuals. Let’s break it down for you over here.


SPV Accounting Services

An SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) is a legal entity set up for buying, letting out, and managing properties. Multiple properties can be held under this entity. Usually, it is set up as a limited company. However, it is not rare to find SPV set up as trusts and partnerships too.


Accountancy for Single Property Landlords

Most of us have a lifelong dream of owning a house. Irrespective of whether you start your journey by renting a flat or an apartment, the eventual destination is always to own a house. If you are a landlord, our mission at DNS Accounting Group is to help you make the most of it by ensuring a low tax bill and dispensing advice on how to manage property tax effectively.


Accountancy for Two or More Properties Landlord

Owning multiple or even a single property can be a great source of additional income. However, landlords must be on top of their game when it comes to their tax returns to ensure that they do not get into trouble with HMRC. Irrespective of whether you need help with some tax business or are just building your portfolio, we, at DNS Accounting Group, can simplify your life with our property tax services.


Accountancy for Airbnb Landlords

If you are a landlord through Airbnb and offer accommodation through this platform, you can employ our services here at DNS Accounting Group to manage the taxation aspect of your business. You can count on our team to handle your business structure, tax return and much more. Airbnb is a popular company that offers accommodation across the world. Hosting on the platform does not necessarily have to be a complicated affair. We simplify your Airbnb tax return in a few easy steps.


Accountancy for Limited Company Landlords

If you are a landlord operating via a limited company, our team of experts here at DNS Accounting Group can help incorporate your property businesses, offer tax planning advice and handle your corporation tax returns without breaking a sweat.


Buy to Let Landlords Accounting

Landlords and private investors in the UK prefer investing in buy-to-let properties for two reasons. Firstly, for capital growth, and secondly, to generate a decent rental and passive income. As specialist buy-to-let property accountants, we offer comprehensive accounting and tax services for landlords and property investors, regardless of the type or location of their property.


Inheritance tax and capital gains tax planning

Tax charged on the possessions, property, and money when a person dies is referred to as Inheritance tax. However, a certain amount can be passed on as tax-free; this tax-free allowance is referred to as the ‘nil-rate band’. For the 2016-17 tax year, tax-free inheritance tax allowance is £325,000. This allowance has remained the same since 2010-11. The tax paid on the profit of selling or disposing an asset, which increases the value or capital, is referred to as capital gain tax. It is the gain made that’s taxed, and not the amount of money received.

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